Basic Presupposed Questions in Regards to Plato

Below are some Basic Questions that I will seek to answer throughout the coming weeks:

  1. Can we know?
  2. Can we doubt?
  3. If we cannot know, then is it possible to doubt?
  4. How can you doubt what you claim to not know?
  5. Is there a truth, or truths?
  6. If there is a single truth, then can we know it?
  7. Does perception change truth?
  8. Does having knowledge of the truth affect our perception?
  9. Is knowledge to that of truth?
  10. If knowledge is to that of truth, then isn’t it that we cannot have one without the other?
  11. If we cannot have knowledge, then is it possible to have truth?
  12. How does knowledge apply to all people?
  13. Does knowledge apply to everyone?
  14. If knowledge is that of truth, then can knowledge ever change?
  15. Does everyone have some knowledge?
  16. Is there an answer?
  17. What is perception?
  18. Can perception be in truth?
  19. Is there self-existence?
  20. If the self does exist, when does a “person” fully attain “self-hood”?

Background Understanding:

-Plato’s Theaetetus

-Aristotle and the LNC


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